Traveling in Singapore only 5 million


If you go to places no cost, spend in a planned way and cheap tickets hunt, visitors will have 4 days 3 nights trip in Singapore is less than 5 million.

Singapore is the destination most expensive in the world ranking. Tour price is usually around 9 million. Here is some way to help you can travel to Singapore in  4 days 3 nights cost savings with less than 5 million:

Airline tickets- about 2 million / return ticket

50% deciding fee to travel Singapore depends on airline ticket.

To buy cheap airline tickets, you should make a plan at least 3 months, booking as soon as cheaply. Now there are many budget airlines often have promotions weekend, you can find to get the cheapest price. Refer to the Jetstar, Vietjet Air, Tiger Air …

Accommodations – 800,000 VND / 3 nights

In Singapore, the hotel is quite high price. To saving money you should choose places have dorm room, dormitory bunk beds. Price of each room is different, depending on the condition that you choose the right place for you. Prices dorm room will around 250000-400000 copper one bed each night.

Transportation in Singapore – 400,000

You do not choose taxis that go MRT and bus. This is the cheapest transportation you can pay with a card EZ Link. Cards only 190,000 VND while 110,000 VND which is the money you use, the fixed amount of 80,000 contracts in the card.


You can still save even more when EZ Link card rent in Vietnam only took 30,000 and then recharge, instead of giving up 80,000 dong to buy . For 4 days 3 nights trip in Singapore, you just reload 160000-320000 copper is sufficient for moving here.

Eating – 1.2 million

Food Street in Chinatown or shopping center with dining floor, you can choose food from 48,000 to 96,000 dong for a meal, such as rice-noodle, Hainanese chicken rice … this easy to eat dishes that not expensive. Singaporean cuisine is not too special; you do not necessarily have to try too expensive items.

Traveling overseas Vietnamese visitors often bring noodles, for saving, just a precaution not taste the food. Do not be afraid no water for cooking because the collective hostel  of Singapore  have kitchens, bowl, cup, spoon, chopsticks, fridge … for you to cook noodle . You should washing dishes after you eaten. In the morning kitchen full with fruits, cereals, bread, milk, coffee, juice .for free.

Besides, you can go tothe supermarkets, food stalls, selling chicken thigh, fried chicken wings, barbecue … only VND16,000VND. Buy more you can get a bonus, bringing in a refrigerator at the hostel, enter yourname and put paper into your food.

Another option for you is chilli crab cost about 560000-800000 copper a part, this dish is the most delicious sauce. To save is you should bring a part to hostel (for 2-3 people) and used to bring noodles served with sauce.

In addition to frog porridge, a specialty of Singapore as snow cream (flavor ice), you can try to eat, the price of about 64000-80000 copper dish. Two people eat is just a dish