Some famous places in Singapore you shouldn’t ignore


Singapore is not a big country but for every one who was came to this country also astonished because of the huge buildings in this beautiful country.

Now I will show you some famous places in Singapore you shouldn’t ignorewhen you go to this country.

  1. Sentosa land

This place is a perfect combination of amusement park with Natural Park and legacy center.

At night, many people go to the Water musical conceptarea – one of the most special concepts in Sentosa land. This is a combination of dancing, singing, laze concepts, breathing fire, water and fumes, and the firework that you never forget.

At night, Singapore becomes most beautiful as a party with lights and colors. You will get many surprises when you travel by the pleasure-boat. Singapore at night and daytime look like two differences worlds. You will see a wonderful world at night with the ebullient parties on the bars along the banks of the river with manymiraculous lights.

  1. Marina bay Sands

Marina bay Sands as known as the new world’s center of Singapore. This is the biggest leisure area of Asian. Marina Bay Sands include of a hotel with 55 floors and 2590 rooms; a Trade center, exhibition and seminar area with 120.000 square meters in area; a shopping center with 300 shops, a supper modern casino is 15.000 square meters in area; and a highest outdoor swimming pool in the world.


Especially, the artificial river goes through the center of Marina Bay Sands, it has the ferry-boat like in Vietnam to help tourist travel and contemplate the scene inside the trade center.

  1. Singapore Botanical Garden

In Singapore every business activities are opened on 11 am. So what do you do during the time to waiting for it? The answer is goes to the Singapore Botanical Garden. It’s open on 5 o clock in the morning. You can tramp the wet grass road from the tropical forest to the national orchid garden to see the collection of over 1000 types of natural orchid and 2000 types of graft orchid.

After that you should enjoy a traditional breakfast of Singapore it’s including boil egg, coffee, bake bread with coconut jam.

  1. The arts in Ritz – Carlton

Going to the hotel to enjoy the work of art is out of your expectation but Ritz – Carlton is a special hotel. Here people will see the work or art is 3 ton in the weight made by Frank Stella. It’s fit up on the way in. And the couple glass sculptures made by Dale Chihuly that hang on the two side of the door. Thisis oneof the work ofart of the most beautiful in Southeast Asian about current sculpture collection.

Moreover, in the public area and the guest room of Ritz – Carlton hotel you will see many work ofart made by Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Rainer Gross, Henry Moore hay Robert Zakanitch…