Cheap eating experience while traveling in Singapore


To start breakfast, travelers can choose their own breakfast with kaya bread and a cup of cappuccino. For breakfast you only have to pay about 2.5 S $ and are sold in almost all the cheap food centers or about 3 S $ at the cafe of KillineyKopitiam brand which is familiar to natives.

According to traveler’s experience , with  the lunch,  you can choose a popular restaurant with cheap rice dishes 2-2.5 S $ for rice with meat or partly with vegetable Category (for vegans). Guests can enjoy traditional dishes of Singapore chicken rice for only $ 3.

By the dinner guests will have delicious meals for about 4, 5 S $ with dishes like crab sauce chili or crab pepper sauce. Also you can enjoy a Laska  cooked with fish, shrimp and thick & fat coconut , and char kwayteow noodles or fried noodles with shrimp, oysters, also very fat sausage.


If you can go to a selected group combo include satay (skewered meat served with peanut sauce), Singapore-style carrot cake (really the bread made of wheat or rice flour and egg mix radish, colored like carrots) and mix rojak (vegetables, fruits, tofu, …).

Of course, about 10$ does not allow you to drink alcohol, because even in the culinary center, where beer is sold at the most affordable prices, then a bottle of Tiger beer cost nearly three meals affordable by the above. In Singapore,  water from the public taps are drinking, you just cost about S $ 1.2 for the first bottle of mineral water, then you will have free water for drinking water for the whole day.

For travelers in Singapore, finding information about the cheap eating places is extremely important. The following useful information so you can get a delicious meal with the most economical cost in a country is considered quite expensive.