10 experiences not to be missed when traveling Singapore


Strolling around Arab Street, riding a bike in Pulau Ubin or shopping at Mustafa shopping center is the fascinating experiences that help visitors not only enjoy their wonderful trip, but also better understand the rich life of the locals in Singapore.

Cycling in Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin is a village on the island that lies to the north of Singapore. Cycling in Pulau Ubin is a cool and thrilling activity helping visitors get together because it is usually organized in groups. You can ride a bike to the beach or at night to feel the peaceful and fresh atmosphere and rustic beauty of the village.

Enjoy drinking tea and doing artworks

Downtown Singapore has a number of fascinating stores where you not only enjoy a great variety of drinks, but also are offered drawing tools like canvas sheets, colors and brushes in order to create your own artworks. These places are suitable for all ages from 5 to 90. Therefore, this is an exciting experience tourists should not miss when travelling to Singapore.

Visiting Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa is really worth a visit because of its educational depictions of the 10 courts of hell. Inside the villa, a number of human statues under various styles of torture, and the paintings featuring legends and historic events are on display. Not only tourists but also Singaporean families often come here to learn and teach their children.


Wakeboarding in Punggol

Singapore also attracts many watersports lovers because of it offers a wide selection of exciting watersports activities in Punggol in particular and the whole country in general. Tourists can play wakeboarding in Punggol or water surfing, kitesurfing and so on. In addition, children can play kneeboard. To experience more thrilling water sports, travelers should go to Bedok Reservoir Park.


Strolling around Arab Street


This neighborhood features its own charm in the island nation of Singapore. Many visitors whose go to Bugis cannot miss taking a leisurely walk around Arab Street, just 10 minutes from Bugis. The street has a unique hipster style, and many shops and stores here are decorated with colorful graffiti. At this place, tourists have great opportunities to purchase many novel crafts ranging from clothes, jewelries to accessories that made by the locals. Also, there are plenty of attractive and vibrant bars and restaurants here.

Visiting Kampong in Lorong Buangkok

This place reflects a strong contrast with the modernity of Singapore. The inhabitants of Kampong in Lorong Buangkok belong to an ancient community that has existed until now in Singapore. Visiting here, you will feel like traveling to the past due to old roofs and a close community.

Shopping at Mustafa commercial center

This is a bustling 24 hour shopping center, so no matter what time you arrive at, you will also feel a busy atmosphere. Specially, tourists can buy everything here. Mustafa is the must, because apart from shopping you also have an opportunity to explore the local culture.

Having your fortune read

Having your fortune read is an extremely unique experience and even more when you try in a different country. The ideal place to hear prophecy about your future is Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple, or you can meet with Fengshui master at Kong Meng San Phor Kark Temple. In addition, there is an Indian prophet at Waterloo Street, who often appears with a parrot.

 Enjoying a special evening

Singapore is the country featuring the interesting, vibrant and colorful nightlife. Tourists can join parties all night, stroll around busy and energetic streets, explore brilliant and crazy bars and so on. What makes Singapore’s night parties are so attractive? It is that tourists are guaranteed to be safe and not need to worry about social evils in Singapore. Wonderful places to enjoy Singapore’s nightlife are Clarke Quay, Club Street which attracts many tourists as well as attractive and vibrant bars like The Library.

Eating like a local in culinary paradise

To understand, behave and live as indigenous people, you must have ‘Real Singapore’ experiences. Typical examples include drinking coffee in a neighborhood that specializes in coffee, tasting ice cream or sandwich (you can find these items at street food carts on Orchard Road) and so on.